Pakistan Live 2022 Recorded Sessions


Dear friends and colleagues, Welcome to the official page of Pakistan Society of Interventional Cardiology. As you browse through this site you will come across lead interventionists, highly skilled professionals and interesting cases and information. I hope you find this journey enriching and upto your expectations, as we will continue to update our activities as we go along.

Pakistan society of interventional cardiology must flourish on the horizon of global interventional arena as an educational and highly professional body.
  • Pakistan society of interventional cardiology was established on a small scale back in 2005. It has come a long way since then despite immense challenges in a developing country.
  • It aims at uplifting interventional practices in Pakistan to international standards and maintain adequate level of training for young interventionists across the country.
  • It aims at further strengthening International collaborations through conferences and meetings.
  • National database and Registry systems are one of the most important priorities of PSIC.
  • Finally, the goal of PSIC is to promote cardiac health in Pakistani population by education, advanced interventional methods and improved preventive strategies.